Create spin wheel discounts using after order discounts

The spin wheel is the best way to provide prizes for your customers. They get different prizes based on their luck. You need to do only a few things in “After order discounts” to show up the fortune wheel. We provide two types of discounts one is the next order coupon and another one is a coupon roulette. Here we see only about “Coupon Roulette”.

Steps to show up the spin wheel.

Before you proceed, please make sure you have read our “Requirements and Installation” guide. If you not, then download and install here.

You can download and Install the “After Order Discounts” plugin here.

Here we go through the steps to create a prize wheel.

  1. Create new Rule, under WooCommerce > After order discounts > Create Rule.
  2. Set discount rule name, description, start date, and End date. Finally, don’t forget to choose the Discount Rule type.
  3. This is the most important step to restrict the spin point generation. Here you can set as many conditions you need. Some available conditions where Order items, order item categories, payment method, order total, and customer E-Mails. If you would like to give discount points to all orders, then leave conditions empty.
  4. Choose Spin points and Prizes. Here spin points were used to spin the fortune wheel to win the lucky prizes. You can also control, Where to show the coupon roulette and how many times the user can spin the wheel in a day using settings.

Finally, you have set the rule to give discounts. Here you can create as many rules to give different discounts to your customers based on conditions.

Let us see things via example. For example, Store owner decides to give discounts to their customers who spent at least 1000$ on his previous purchase. Would you like to know about, How to create a simple discount using “After order discounts”? just click here.

Here is the some use cases that may help you to create right discount rules.

  1. Give 5 spin points for your customers whose order total is greater than 1000$.
  2. Provide with 1 spin point for orders placed using PayPal.
  3. Provide 10 points for customers who purchase “T-Shirt” or in “Fashion” Categories.

As a store owner, you may need more use-cases apart from the usecases mentioned above. If this plugin does not meet your requirement, Please raise a support ticket here.

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