How to create a simple discount using after order discounts

Discounts are an important part of the business. No matter what the cost is, we as a customer always expect some amount of discount. What if the discount could be provided on our conditions? Only to those, we want to get the benefit of a discount? With the attractive message to make our customers feel appreciated. “After order discount” gives you all. Creating a discount for your premium customers couldn’t be easier. We proudly present you the All-in-One solution for creating Discounts, coupons, and fortune wheel that too based on the conditions and rules defined by you so that only a specific set of customers would be benefitted by the coupons being provided. You will be getting plenty of options to set up your own rule, conditions, customized message for those who get discount, and much more.

Let’s go ahead and discuss the features available with this amazingly easy to use a plugin which would make your customers come again to your store. Once the plugin is installed properly, you will be able to see it under WooCommerce. Once you will click on it, you will be able to see your previously created list of discounts and rules.

Here at first screen, you will be able to see the customized discount name, start date, end date and it’s status. You can also edit the status and deactivate, reactivate or delete the discount from here.

Let’s start creating our first discount. In order to do that, click on the button that says “Create New Discount” and you will find a page with three options, General, Conditions, and Discount.


Let’s give our discount a catchy name along with with the date, you would like this to start and a date to make your customer hurry. A good description is always a plus point to attract your customers. Choose if you want this discount to be active right now by clicking on Yes or No. Choose a rule type we are halfway done.


Now that we have created the rule, it’s time to set up the conditions based on which the discount will be given. Either “AND” or “OR” condition could be set up for the set of rules we are defining.

If you want to provide the discount only based on the Order total number, you can do that. For example, only provide discounts whose order total is greater than 1000.

The next option provided based on which you can offer a discount is Order Items. This is very useful if the discount is being provided only with specific items, products or a list of products.

Discounts can also be added based on Order Categories. You can choose the category for which you want to provide the discount. For example, if you want to provide a discount only to those who purchased some items form “Hoodies” categories. Good thing is, more than one condition could be added.

If you have categorized your customers and want to provide discount either to those who purchase a lot or maybe to those who don’t. You may want to give some perks and encourage them to buy more stuff. So, this can also be done based on customer’s categories.

Similarly, if there is a special discount only for debit card payers, COD payers, this condition can also be defined with After Order Discount.

After Order Discount is the one-stop solution for any type of discount code and coupons for anything that you can think of. Multiple conditions provide more flexibility and you target the right customers.

We are almost done with defining our discount coupon. However, there may be times when you would like to provide a discount for a specific amount but sometimes, you might want to give a fraction of purchased amount. Well, you get it all with After Order Discount. Let’s move on to the third part of the discount. You got two options to set up your coupon type. Either this could be a flat discount with a specific amount or a percentage of the total amount could also be defined.

Voila, your discount is created! Now there are few tweaking that you would like to do after creating the discount. First, you may want to customize the message displaying on the page of coupon code or discount code. Yes, with After Order Discounts, even that is possible. All you need to do is, go the main page, click on Settings and it can be done from there. You will find two things here.


Coupon Roulette

This is an interesting fortune wheel that a customer can click on and get some amount of discount or coupon that can be used on later while purchasing something else. This is completely customizable. For example, on which page it should be shown, how many times the fortune wheel could be spin. You can also set up if you want this to be shown to your registered users and many more features are available.

Order Coupon

Just like the fortune wheel, you can also customize the order coupon completely. No additional technical knowledge is required to specify your coupon with the best marketing and fancy words to make your customers feel valued.

After Order Discount is a one-stop solution for all of your discount related thoughts. It takes care of all the needs without you worrying about to whom it should be provided. All the best with your selling!

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