Installation guide for “Order discounts” plugin

Before installing “After order discounts” for your WooCommerce store, you need to check our following requirements were met.

Software requirements:

“After order discounts” is a plugin to extend the features of another plugin. You have to verify all the software requirements given below.

  • WordPress is an open software to create websites or blogs. If you have no idea about “How to create websites using WordPress?” or would you like to know more about WordPress, you can learn here. We recommended you to install the latest version of WordPress or install at least WordPress version 4.0. Click here to download the latest version of WordPress.
  • WooCommerce is a plugin to make your WordPress into a fully-featured online store. Still, you have not installed WooCommerce, you can download the latest pack here or check their official website. Your WooCommerce version must 3.0 or above.
  • PHP version must 5.4 or greater.

Its time to test-drive our “After order discount for WooCommerce”, Because you have met all our software requirements. Most of the steps are similar to the installation of any other WordPress plugin.

Installation guide:

This guide assumes that you have already installed WordPress, WooCommerce and also you have logged in to your admin dashboard.

Method 1:

WordPress is very famous among website owners, Because of its simplicity. extendability and also for its easy to use dashboard. So we go with a simple installation method.

1 – Navigate to “Add New” under “Plugins” section and then search for “After order discounts for WooCommerce”.

installation guide - navigate to add new plugins and search for discount plugin
Searching for “After order discounts for WooCommerce”

2 – Find the right plugin and click on “Install Now” button.

installation guide -  finding the correct WooCommerce discount plugin
Installing “After order discounts for WooCommerce”

3 – Activating the installed plugin.

A) That’s all, You have successfully installed the plugin. The final step is activating the plugin. To do that simply click on “Activate”.

installation guide -  Activating the plugin
Activating the discount plugin

B) If you did not find the previous step, then Navigate to “Installed plugins” under “Plugins” section. Search for “After order discounts for WooCommerce” and then click on “Activate” link.

installation guide -  another way to activate wordpress plugin
another way to activate WordPress plugin

Method 2:

1- Download our latest pack from WordPress Official plugins directory.

2- Navigate to “Add New” under “Plugins” section, Find “Upload Plugin”, Then upload the downloaded package to your site.

Uploading the WordPress plugin to install the package
Uploading the WordPress plugin to install the plugin

3- Finally, Don’t forget to Activate the plugin. It is similar to the above method.

Useful Links:

Here are the some links that may help you to learn about our plugin.

  1. How to create spin wheel discounts using after order discounts.
  2. How to create a simple discount using after order discounts.

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